Commentary 3/4/12

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!” Thomas Jefferson.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Ginsberg,  laments that our Constitution is out of touch with the modern world.   She advocates the use of foreign law.    A dedicated Socialist, who formerly worked for the A.C.L.U. she  apparently does not respect the wisdom of  our founders, Thomas Jefferson  and  James Madison.Another chief justice ,  A. Scalea, has been quoted as saying:  “the Bill of Rights  of the former ‘evil empire’  Soviet Russia is better than ours” .        What?  How could these people be in such powerful positions, interpreting our laws ?  Have they risen to their level of incompetence, as in the book the  peter principal?

The 13 individual States  fought and won a bloody war for independence from a tyrannical central government.    Limited powers were then  given to the Federal (central)  government  so that  we the people could enjoy Life , Liberty,  and Property.Yet here we are with Federal employees in our States legislating and enforcing law, which is completely  out of their jurisdiction and against the intent of the  Constitution. which was to LIMIT Federal  power over the people.

The drafters of our Constitution would be appalled at the Supreme Court’s interpretation of a document which was meant to secure and innumerate the rights of the people.  Why the Constitution is  not required reading in our schools is a mystery .

To understand more, take time to read our Constitution.   Hillsdale  College in Michigan is presently hosting a course called “CONSTITUTION 101.”    The Meaning and History of the Constitution.


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