The following is  the definition of two types of government: DeFacto and DeJure.

DeFacto  Government:    is a government that operates like a government,  but in reality  is operating under “color “ of law.     Example of “Colorable” It looks, acts, and quacks like a duck, but it ISN”T a duck.

De Jure Government:  A government of Laws, as in the U.S. Constitutional Republic.  (Constitutional Republic……nowadays referred to as, “The house nobody lives in”) In other words its here but not being used .

UCC : Uniform Commercial Code.   Rules for commerce and credit currently being used  for the commercial Corporate government.  In court, it is a statutory  jurisdiction.    Statutory government is not under  the Constitution;  “Congress shall pass no expost facto laws or bills of attainder.”         (Google:    Clearfield Trust vs. U.S. (1942 )

One of the important links between the Constitution and the U.C.C.  governing systemsis the fact that:     Statutes not in conformity with the U.S. Constitution,  are null and void and are as if never written down.

Another reason to study your Constitution.   Find out for yourself if a law is valid.


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