Spring has Sprung.    Time to make some  Dandelion Wine ! !    

Before you go out and try to rid your yard  of those yellow dandelions sprouting up and showing their  bright yellow heads  in the sun,    take some time to make some  of those  most beautiful big blossoms into wine.    First thing in the Spring, before summer comes on ,  the dandelion blooms are at their most  beautiful,  with  great big,  fluffy and bright yellow flowers. Those are the ones you want to use when you whip up a batch of dandelion wine.

BIG BOTTOM DANDELION WINE    (The old timers favorite)

  1. One full quart of blossoms. Carefully cutting off any bit of the stem .
  2.            (Note:   stems will make the wine bitter ) 
  3. One gallon of water
  4. One whole lemon cut in slices, but not peeled
  5. Two and one half pounds sugar  ( “A pint’s a pound, the world around”)
  6. Place into a kettle on the heat and boil for 5 minutes.
  7. Remove from heat, cool to body temperature , and pour into a jar.
  8. Add two Tablespoons of yeast.
  9. Keep jar in a warm place for three days, until it ferments.
  10. Strain, bottle and cork tightly.

This recipe was taken from a local pioneer  copy of  Good Housekeeping book, dated 1890

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