Meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. in the Mount Adams cafe, Randle.

M/C (motion carried) to approve the agenda as printed.

News since the last meeting given and discussed.

A member gave a report on the U.S bankruptcy of 1933 and the repercussions that

followed.  He stated there is a remedy for all the citizen’s property used as collateral to

finance the bankruptcy  loan from IMF via Federal Reserve.

Member gave report on how to make a still for use in the making of tinctures from herbs by  the use of an old pressure cooker

Member gave report on willow bark taken from local trees.  Spring is the time to gather  willow bark,

how to dry it and how to make tinctures or anti-inflammatory tea.  If properly prepared, it will stop pain.

Notice read from Emily Anderson, of Pacific County, telling of the forthcoming Forest Service meeting on Rules and Regulations to be held Monday, May 21 in the Longview Convention center.

Report given on the dangers of using a micro wave oven.  The ten reasons to dispose of your microwave was read to members.

Excellent wooden tomato cages, hand made by a member were displayed.  Orders taken.Discussion concerning the book Pegasus, concerning how to run a car using wood, rather than gas or diesel.

It was suggested we focus on the many problems and methods of vegetable gardening during our June meeting

M/C meeting adjourned at 4:00


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