The Monarch fluttered near my eye,
Circled my head and passed on by
His royal gold against blue sky

As he circled again I heard him say,
“We come to your garden to spend this day.
Peonies wide open catch wind in its play.

The winter was long with snow, rain and ice
I’d dreamed of the summer, thought  “Heat would be nice,
And even a glimpse of blue sky would suffice.”

He said, “We will always come back, don’t you know?
No matter how long and how dreary the snow.
We live for the sunshine, and there we will go.”

“Your highness”, I said, “Don’t you ever feel blue?
Are you never alone, with nothing to do?
Your children gone far, and pay you no mind?
And sometimes you feel life has left you behind?”

“My wings are like gold, and there’s honey to eat
My life is just perfect its always so sweet.
Enjoy warm winds of summer and soak up the heat,
For soon all will fade, and fall back and retreat.”

The seasons of life must turn round and around.
Like a grandfather clock, marks each hour with a sound.
When winter returns with cold winds and bad storm,
The Monarch will be where I know he’ll stay warm.


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