Minutes of June 16, 2012


The June meeting of the BBSRC was called to order at 2:00 p.m., June 16th in the meeting room of the Randle Timberland Library, as the Mount Adams cafe management found it inconvenient to allow our group to meet there.

NEW MEMBERS  AND/OR GUESTS:  Two guests were introduced and welcomed by the group.

AGENDA:    the agenda was read and approved


  •  It was reported that a town in Ireland, fed up with the Euro,  is using the old Irish Punt coins with great success.
  • NDAA…National Defense Authorization Act…. A New York Judge has declared it unconstitutional
  • Earth Changes: Solar flares may hit earth, causing  possible geo magnetic storm,50 percent higher than last normal solar flares.

LAW REPORT: Member gave a talk on the significance of government use of the all caps name.

MEDICINAL HERB REPORT: Member gave a talk on a local medicinal herb, Usnic acid, from lichen, its preparation and use.   Chair requests speaker to write details in our BBSRC blog.

OFF THE GRID REPORT: A member told the meeting of his experimentation with building a water wheel.

HEALTH NEWS:   Monsanto chemical company  blamed for bee collapse, buys leading bee research laboratory.  Group held a discussion on bee culture.

GARDENING PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS: Extensive discussion regarding local gardening, ways to fight slug infestation,when to plant,  many gardening tips.

NEW BUSINESS:    It was decided to have our July meeting at 225-15 Savio Road in a private home, with agenda to include a potluck.    The group will meet at 5:00,  on Thursday, July 19th, with potluck dinner to commence at 6:00, and meeting to follow.

For further details call 360 498 5613.

M/C to adjourn the meeting at 4:00

Respectfully Submitted,  RECORDING SECRETARY. .


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