• Some people live in the PAST, recalling good old days, or living in regret of mistakes.
  • Some people live in the PRESENT, living only for today with its pleasure and its pain
  • Some people live in the FUTURE, planning for any situation that might come.
  • Let’s use the PAST, not to contemplate regret, but rather as a teacher, to guide us thoughtfully through the present.
  • Let’s  use the PRESENT to enjoy today’s blessings, as well as to plan for the future.
  • Let’s plan for the FUTURE by stocking our shelves, planting our gardens, and teaching our children the things that really matter.



The August meeting of the BBSRC contained a report on Diatomaceous Earth.

The benefits of using this product should go out to everyone. It is difficult to imagine a single person on the planet who would not benefit from at least one of its uses.

These fossilized skeletons of tiny aquatic organisms from one celled diatroms are mined out of the earth, crushed into a powder and sometimes called “Fossel Shell Flour”.  Under a microscope DE looks like tiny wheat checks.  As the insect moves through it, the waxy coating is scratched off their bodies, The bugs become dehydrated and die.   The faster the bug moves through it, the faster it works, and unlike insecticides, the bugs cannot become immune to it.


  • A natural insecticide for homes, gardens, animals, birds, barns, farms, kennels,  grains, crops, schools, parks.
  • Rids fleas, ticks, lice, bed bugs and parasites and ants roaches. Does not harm garden earthworms.
  • Food grade DE  taken in water will clear the human  body of parasites..Pets too

Glass of lemonade and teaspoon of DE every day for health.   Gets into digestive     system, scrubbing and cleaning out the colon.   Helps joint pain, lowers chlosteral,  lowers high blood pressure and works with collagen to improve dry skin.  Stops tapeworms in humans and dogs.

  • Natural, non toxic  flea and tick powder for cats and dogs.   Dogs: one tablespoons per day in their food.
  • As a soil amender  for clay soils, it provides 14 minerals. Great for the organic gardener, eliminating the need for toxic insect sprays.
  • As a protectant in stored grains (several pounds per ton) and animal in feed to prevent worms and bugs.
  • Put under baseboards of  your  house or rental to kill bugs.
  • Sprinkle in your chickens nests…… A layer of hay and a layer of DE.  (repeat)
  • Use on floor and sleeping quarters of all animals.

Send more ways you have used Diatomaceous Earth.


The August meeting of the Big Bottom Self Reliant Community was called to order on
Saturday August 18th at 1;00 p.m., in the picnic area of the Fisher home on Kiona Road, Randle.

The proposed agenda was approved to include discussion on cidar pressing.

Meeting started with a report and discussion of the Growth Management Act, as it
applies to the Randle area.   Questions and  comments followed.

Next was a report on the many uses of amazing  Diatomaceous Earth.

The healing spotlight was on   “Silver and its many healing properties.”

Questions concerning hydroponic gardening were answered.   Anyone needing
help setting up hydroponics can contact our speaker.

Members were facinated to hear,  “Preparing and Planting the Winter Garden, with a demonstration on how to build a simple 5 x 10 foot greenhouse from pvc pipe.

Our own legle begle gave a talk and passed out DVDs to those who wanted more info.

Last on the program was a demonstration on local wild edibles, which included berries,
and common greens from the forest.

A discussion concerning a cidar- pressing event to be held toward the end of October.
Committee to be appointed  next meeting  to finalize details.

It was decided to hold the September meeting again at the home of Joe and Penny Fisher on Kiona Road, as the weather should still be quite warm.   October meeting may  be back in the Randle library. When Glenoma fire department finishes their meeting room, we may be meeting there.

Recording Secretary.



The August meeting of the Big Bottom Self Reliant Community, will be held on
Saturday, August 18th, at 1:00 the picnic area of the Fisher home on Kiona Road in Randle.

Our July social potluck meeting was a great success and a good time was had by most everyone.    Thanks to those of you who participated, and a special thanks to

Joe and Penny for hosting the event.   Social meetings will not include minutes, but
trust me, you should have been there.

Agenda for the August meeting will include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Hydroponic Gardening Part Two  /li>
  • The Story on Diatomatius Earth  /li>
  • Can Silver Be Used In Healing?
  • Should government obey the laws too?  See Title 31  (3124 )
  • Preparing and Planting The Winter Garden.
  • Storing rain water ……  is this a crime?
  • Growth Management Act:   Randle’s Response
  • Local  Wild edibles

I am pleased to say that the members of this self reliant group are such a
storehouse of information and experience, that so far we have not had a need
to import speakers.

Please bring a guest who would be interested in joining and participating in our self reliant community group. Your guest will be welcome to visit or to join.
Let’s share ideas  for gardening, home projects, useful information and ways to prepare for the challenging times ahead.