Barter, Buy or Sell in Big Bottom

At Big Bottom Self Reliant Community, we believe that one of the basic essential elements of a strong self reliant community is the ability to have an economy that is independent of the necessity of having Federal Reserve Notes.  Listed below are some of the goods and services offered by people in the community that are offered in exchange for other goods, services, real money or Federal Reserve Notes.  If you live in the area and are interested in listing what you have to offer or would like to buy, please contact our BBSRS Barter Commissioner, Star White.  Her e-mail is:, Phone: 497-2160.  Our listings are free.

For Sale or Barter

Old fashioned phones that will work without electricity.  Star:  497-2160

Holly tree seedlings for hedges. Star:  497-2160

Rentals: mobile home space, mobile home. Star:  497-2160

Homemade cheese and dairy products. Anuttama 496-0058

Cheese making classes. Anuttama 496-0058

Hands on bee keeping classes.  Anuttama 496-0058

Vegetarian cooking and cooking classes. Anuttama 496-0058

Ox training classes.  Anuttama 496-0058


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