The August meeting of the Big Bottom Self Reliant Community was called to order on
Saturday August 18th at 1;00 p.m., in the picnic area of the Fisher home on Kiona Road, Randle.

The proposed agenda was approved to include discussion on cidar pressing.

Meeting started with a report and discussion of the Growth Management Act, as it
applies to the Randle area.   Questions and  comments followed.

Next was a report on the many uses of amazing  Diatomaceous Earth.

The healing spotlight was on   “Silver and its many healing properties.”

Questions concerning hydroponic gardening were answered.   Anyone needing
help setting up hydroponics can contact our speaker.

Members were facinated to hear,  “Preparing and Planting the Winter Garden, with a demonstration on how to build a simple 5 x 10 foot greenhouse from pvc pipe.

Our own legle begle gave a talk and passed out DVDs to those who wanted more info.

Last on the program was a demonstration on local wild edibles, which included berries,
and common greens from the forest.

A discussion concerning a cidar- pressing event to be held toward the end of October.
Committee to be appointed  next meeting  to finalize details.

It was decided to hold the September meeting again at the home of Joe and Penny Fisher on Kiona Road, as the weather should still be quite warm.   October meeting may  be back in the Randle library. When Glenoma fire department finishes their meeting room, we may be meeting there.

Recording Secretary.


Minutes of June 16, 2012


The June meeting of the BBSRC was called to order at 2:00 p.m., June 16th in the meeting room of the Randle Timberland Library, as the Mount Adams cafe management found it inconvenient to allow our group to meet there.

NEW MEMBERS  AND/OR GUESTS:  Two guests were introduced and welcomed by the group.

AGENDA:    the agenda was read and approved


  •  It was reported that a town in Ireland, fed up with the Euro,  is using the old Irish Punt coins with great success.
  • NDAA…National Defense Authorization Act…. A New York Judge has declared it unconstitutional
  • Earth Changes: Solar flares may hit earth, causing  possible geo magnetic storm,50 percent higher than last normal solar flares.

LAW REPORT: Member gave a talk on the significance of government use of the all caps name.

MEDICINAL HERB REPORT: Member gave a talk on a local medicinal herb, Usnic acid, from lichen, its preparation and use.   Chair requests speaker to write details in our BBSRC blog.

OFF THE GRID REPORT: A member told the meeting of his experimentation with building a water wheel.

HEALTH NEWS:   Monsanto chemical company  blamed for bee collapse, buys leading bee research laboratory.  Group held a discussion on bee culture.

GARDENING PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS: Extensive discussion regarding local gardening, ways to fight slug infestation,when to plant,  many gardening tips.

NEW BUSINESS:    It was decided to have our July meeting at 225-15 Savio Road in a private home, with agenda to include a potluck.    The group will meet at 5:00,  on Thursday, July 19th, with potluck dinner to commence at 6:00, and meeting to follow.

For further details call 360 498 5613.

M/C to adjourn the meeting at 4:00

Respectfully Submitted,  RECORDING SECRETARY. .